Truly Devoted to Our Manchesters

When you think of the Manchester Terrier, what generally comes to mind is... Wilane Manchester Terriers....and Bill Emrick.

Bill and Ch. Wilane's Heart Of Gold CGC, HOF ~ "Etta"

Wilane Manchester Terriers has lost a truly devoted enthusiast...He may be gone...but will NEVER be forgotten.

Beloved companions...
Together for all Eternity.


Bill and Gunner...Forever gracing Heaven's Show Rings.

Do Not Mourn Me

Do Not Mourn Me
For I'm Not Really Gone.
My Time On This Earth
I'm Told, Was Just Done.

Do Not Mourn Me
From Lonliness and Despair
Heaven's Arms Have Embraced Me
And Taken Me There.

Do Not Mourn Me
And Shed A Sad Tear
For Now I'll Be With You
And Forever Be Near.

Bill Emrick passed away December 4th, 2000 of a Heart Attack.
May he long be remembered for his dedication, love and devotion
and knowledge of our Wonderful Manchester Terriers. The world of
Manchesters has truly suffered a tremendous loss in his passing.

Do Not Mourn Me ©
Written by Kathy Bradley
in Loving Memory of Bill Emrick

Wilane Manchester Terriers

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